7 Reasons Why Wood Countertops Are Beneficial


Wood countertops are beautiful and offer more than just a unique look. They come with their own set of care instructions, though. Wood countertops need to be oiled at least twice a year. To avoid cracking, keep them away from heat sources and areas with too much liquid. Wood counters also require regular maintenance such as sanding and refinishing to maintain the natural beauty of the wood grain while protecting it against wear and tear caused by water or food spills.  We at Unique Wood Products explain the benefits of wood countertops.

1. Wood countertops in Houston are beautiful.

Wood countertops are beautiful in nature. They are made out of 100% natural material, usually the top layer of the trunk or stump, and can be any size or thickness desired. Wood countertops are also much more environmentally friendly than tile or granite because they don’t require chemicals for installation, maintenance, or production. Wood is much cooler than other materials when used to make countertops, so it does not chip, scratch, dent, or stain like many other materials that aren’t meant to withstand heat and moisture as wood does.

2. Wood countertops are durable.

Wood is one of the most durable materials on earth, and countertops made of wood are easier to maintain than other countertop surfaces. Wood countertops require some maintenance, but the process is easy and can be done right in your own home.

3. Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches.

Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches because of their components makeup. Those are made from a combination of wood fibers, resins, and pigments. When this mixture is combined it creates high resistance to heat and scratches. Wood countertops have a hardness rating of 7 out of 10, which is similar to that of water glasses and sapphire.

4. Wood countertops provide a natural touch to your home.

Wooden countertops provide a natural touch to your home, but they may need some more maintenance each year. Wood is a softer material, which means it is more susceptible to scratching and cracking from heat sources and areas with too much liquid.

5. Wood countertops are renewable.

In Houston, Wood countertops are a product that is made of renewable material. This means that they can be replaced if there is a need for a new one. There are advantages to the product even though it needs more care than other materials.

6. Wood countertops have a long lifespan.

Wood countertops have a long lifespan, even though they will need to be maintained more than other materials. Wood is resistant to most chemicals, which is why it’s the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms near sinks and toilets.

7. Wood countertops require low maintenance.

The general care of wood countertops is minimal, and they require less upkeep than most similar materials. In fact, you will only need to re-oil them every month or two, and occasionally apply a finishing polish for a natural luster.


Wood countertops are beautiful, but they require more care than other types of materials. However, if you do all this work yourself it can make your kitchen feel like home! To learn how we can help you achieve the look you want for your wood kitchen counters, give us a call today. We’ll walk through a few design ideas that will suit any taste from modern to rustic styles.

Joaquin Zihuatanejo

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