Month: April 2021

US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream On Radio Stations

For many people, it’s not always possible to watch the thrilling US Open Golf Championship. In this situation, audio streaming can be an excellent alternative. Besides, some fans prefer to listen to the commentary on the radio. Especially people who carry Jobsite radio to their workplace. The good news is, the US Open Golf live stream will also be available on radio stations. Please read the full article to know who will stream the tournament and how you can listen to it live.

How to listen to US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream on Radio

ESPN Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live will stream the 2021 US Open Golf Championship. The coverage will begin on 17th June. Below, we’ve covered every detail for both the stations to watch the tournament.

ESPN Radio

ESPN Radio

You may have heard of ESPN’s TV channels, but it also offers a radio station dedicated to sports fans. ESPN Radio covers almost every sports event live. And this year, it will also stream the 121st edition of the US Open Golf from the Torrey Pines South Golf Course.

You can listen to ESPN Radio on any device from anywhere in the USA. It’s available in almost every state. Tune in to find the frequency in your local area. Or you can also look for it on google by typing the name of your city.

If you want to listen to the stream on your smartphone, you also have that option. There are hundreds of apps that stream ESPN radio. It is available on both SiriusXM and TuneIn. Moreover, ESPN Radio is also available for listening through websites.

The US Open Golf 2021 Schedule on ESPN Radio

[Note: All the times are in ET]

Round 1: Thursday, 17th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Round 2: Friday, 18th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Round 3: Saturday, 19th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Final Round: Sunday, 20th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live

The US Open Golf 2021 live stream will also be available onBBC Radio 5 Live. It is mainly for the UK area. But you also can listen to it via websites and mobile apps outside the United Kingdom.

The station streams news, podcasts, discussion, analysis, and sports event coverage. This year they have the right to audio stream the whole US Open Golf tournament.

In the UK, BBC Radio 5 Live is available on 693 and 909 kHz frequency. Outside of the UK, you can listen to BBC sounds by signing up with your BBC account. Besides, a lot of radio apps support the BBC Radio 5 Live for Online streaming. The schedule is the same as ESPN radio.

Final Thoughts

Audio streaming is a great option when you’re working or driving. You don’t have to stick your eyes to the screen. Thanks to ESPN Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live for the US Open Golf 2021 live stream. Use any device you have to listen to the exciting golf tournament.

A Unique Store for Dogs, Cats and the People Who Love Them

A Health Food Store for Pets!

Holistic Hound is quite unlike any other pet store. It is, quite literally, a health food store for dogs and cats that specializes in natural diets and supplements and holistic health. While it may look like a foofy boutique that specializes in diamond collars or angora sweaters for poodles, it isn’t.

The store is owned by a classically trained homeopath, and she is available for consultations for your dog or cat with specific conditions. The owner is not the only one who can help you! I personally hate going into stores where the clerks know nothing about what they sell. At Holistic Hound, this is not the case. The entire staff is well trained in diets and supplements- they employ former vet techs, herbalists, and other pet professionals to answer the numerous questions from the health conscious public, more helpful hints.

A Health Food Store for Pets

There are four freezers full of raw diets and bones. All the food is corn, wheat, and soy free and free from ingredients from China. There is a significant selection of organic foods. And the supplement section is beyond belief. Looking for a remedy? Chances are they have just the thing. If they don’t carry your food or supplement, ask why. Chances are there is a better alternative or they know something about that brand that you do not!

The treats always have something new- often novel and interesting things that even allergic pooches can enjoy. From ostrich tendons to gator bites and everything in-between, Holistic Hound has domestically made yummy treats for your pet.

Dogs and cats are welcome in the store, and will be given treats upon entering. There is always fresh water available to animals and humans who arrive. The staff is welcoming and helpful without ever being pushy.

Most people expect a much higher price when going to a small store. But Holistic Hound keeps its prices low. The food is just as low or lower than local and national chains. Because the store is so unique, they do a brisk business with a loyal clientele and are able to keep prices low. They just implemented a “customer loyalty” program that rewards its patrons with cash back after spending a certain amount of money, too. And they always have specials and money saving programs from manufacturers, allowing folks to save money when possible. Holistic Hound is totally worth a look! They are open seven days a week, making that an easy thing to do!

How to Restore Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Is your wooden outdoor furniture starting to show signs of disrepair? Do your beloved, formerly bright and beautiful furniture pieces need a little tender loving care? Just like all your indoor wooden pieces, all your outdoor wooden chairs, tables and benches can go from weathered to wonderful again with a little know-how.

Here’s how.

Here's how

First, get your tools together. You’ll need:

•A garden hose.
•Sandpaper (the 100 grit type).
•A pump spray bottle.
•Safety goggles.
•A pair of rubber gloves.
•Short-handled scrub brush and long-handled scrub brush with smaller head.
•Deck cleaner and brightener.
•A paint brush.
•Exterior gel stain with applicator.

Here’s what you will need to do:

Here's what you will need to do

1) Move the piece you’re repairing so it’s close to your garden hose.

2) Thoroughly spray down your wooden furniture, removing all grime and surface oils.

3) Be sure to wet down the area immediately below your furniture, too. This will dilute any run off.

4) Let your furniture air dry. Now your furniture is ready for the deck cleaner and brightener solution. Applying it when your furniture is dry will allow the solution to adhere evenly and will not dry out too quickly.

5) Put your goggles on to protect your eyes and your gloves on to protect your hands. Pour the deck cleaner and brightener into a spray pump. To avoid streaks, start applying the cleaner at the bottom of the furniture, find more about this.

6) Let the formula sit a minute or two. Using the short-handled brush, lightly scrub the wooden surface from top to bottom to loosen the weather-damaged wood pieces and stubborn dirt.

7) With the smaller brush, clean hard-to-reach places just as thoroughly, but remember to use light strokes. Wet wood splinters easily.

8) Rinse the remaining solution with the garden hose. You’ll see that the wood is now clean and shiny and that the panels almost look new! Allow the furniture to dry.

9) Once the furniture is completely dry, you will note that the wood grain has been raised. You can smooth the grain back down by sanding it lightly with the sandpaper. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to remove too much of the wood. If you do that, the material won’t absorb the new coat of finish you’re about to apply.

10) Use a folded piece of sandpaper to sand the “tight spots”. Wedge the sandpaper into the area and sand in the direction of the grain.

11) To keep the furniture safe from the elements and to add a touch of color, add stain. Gel stain will not drip, so it’s great for using with outdoor furniture that has slats. Using a paint brush, apply gel stain first to the edges of the wood which you have just sanded. Work your way inward.

12) Use the applicator pad that comes with the gel stain, work the stain into the grain. 13) When the stain dries, take a look! You won’t recognize your old outdoor furniture. Or maybe you will. “This looks just the way it did when I first brought it home,” you’re apt to think. Even better, your newly attractive wooden outdoor furniture will now remain bright and beautiful year after year.