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Wood countertops are beautiful and offer more than just a unique look. They come with their own set of care instructions, though. Wood countertops need to be oiled at least twice a year. To avoid cracking, keep them away from heat sources and areas with too much liquid. Wood counters also require regular maintenance such as sanding and refinishing to maintain the natural beauty of the wood grain while protecting it against wear and tear caused by water or food spills.  We at Unique Wood Products explain the benefits of wood countertops.

1. Wood countertops in Houston are beautiful.

Wood countertops are beautiful in nature. They are made out of 100% natural material, usually the top layer of the trunk or stump, and can be any size or thickness desired. Wood countertops are also much more environmentally friendly than tile or granite because they don’t require chemicals for installation, maintenance, or production. Wood is much cooler than other materials when used to make countertops, so it does not chip, scratch, dent, or stain like many other materials that aren’t meant to withstand heat and moisture as wood does.

2. Wood countertops are durable.

Wood is one of the most durable materials on earth, and countertops made of wood are easier to maintain than other countertop surfaces. Wood countertops require some maintenance, but the process is easy and can be done right in your own home.

3. Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches.

Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches because of their components makeup. Those are made from a combination of wood fibers, resins, and pigments. When this mixture is combined it creates high resistance to heat and scratches. Wood countertops have a hardness rating of 7 out of 10, which is similar to that of water glasses and sapphire.

4. Wood countertops provide a natural touch to your home.

Wooden countertops provide a natural touch to your home, but they may need some more maintenance each year. Wood is a softer material, which means it is more susceptible to scratching and cracking from heat sources and areas with too much liquid.

5. Wood countertops are renewable.

In Houston, Wood countertops are a product that is made of renewable material. This means that they can be replaced if there is a need for a new one. There are advantages to the product even though it needs more care than other materials.

6. Wood countertops have a long lifespan.

Wood countertops have a long lifespan, even though they will need to be maintained more than other materials. Wood is resistant to most chemicals, which is why it’s the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms near sinks and toilets.

7. Wood countertops require low maintenance.

The general care of wood countertops is minimal, and they require less upkeep than most similar materials. In fact, you will only need to re-oil them every month or two, and occasionally apply a finishing polish for a natural luster.


Wood countertops are beautiful, but they require more care than other types of materials. However, if you do all this work yourself it can make your kitchen feel like home! To learn how we can help you achieve the look you want for your wood kitchen counters, give us a call today. We’ll walk through a few design ideas that will suit any taste from modern to rustic styles.

Benefits Of Selecting A Hardwood Flooring

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors. This kind of flooring lasts long, looks good and is easy to maintain. Available in wide variety of shades, it enriches the appearance of a room. At first instance it may appear a bit costly to install hardwood flooring. However, considering the value it adds to a home, low maintenance cost and durability, it is economical to install this type of flooring.

Benefits Of Selecting A Hardwood Flooring 

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors.

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors.  

This kind of flooring lasts long, looks good and is easy to maintain. Available in wide variety of shades, it enriches the appearance of a room. At first instance it may appear a bit costly to install hardwood flooring. However, considering the value it adds to a home, low maintenance cost and durability, it is economical to install this type of flooring.

Some prominent benefits of hardwood flooring include:

1. Durable: Hardwood flooring has a long life. Top quality hardwood products Houston with great finish and high quality wood may last lifetime.

2. Versatility: By changing color of the stain, look of hardwood flooring can be altered. This may be done when the hardwood flooring is refurbished or sanded with different stain. This is a costly process but those who plan to match shades of floor with a new scheme of interior décor may use it without replacing the flooring. This unique feature and option is not available with other flooring materials.

3. Maintenance: Just little mopping and sweeping dust off the floor is enough to keep hardwood flooring clean. A coarse mat outside the door helps to keep off dust entering floor. Stains and spills should be wiped off immediately with prescribed cleaners.

4. Wide range of options: Hardwood flooring is available in different shapes, sizes, color and grain patterns. It is also available in wide and narrow strips that have non beveled or beveled edges. Color range from dark and warm shades to clear and light shades. Some samples have more grains while others have less. Variety of option has contributed to increased popularity of hardwood flooring.

5. Look: Each species of wood, stains and pattern of grains have their unique appeal that enriches overall appearance of the floor. Darker stains give warm and intimate feeling while lighter shades make a room appear spacious.

6. Add to value: Statistics reveal that homes with hardwood flooring sells faster and gets better price. Hence investing in hardwood flooring is a viable option in this aspect as it will increase your property value.

Hardwood Flooring
Tips for Upgrading Unfinished Furniture

Top-quality kits come to you with all pieces carefully cut, and all joints made to fit precisely. Less expensive unfinished hardwood furniture already assembled may or may not have had careful attention during assembly. As a rule, the cheaper the piece, the more likely you are to find such problems as poor joinery or ill-fitting drawers.

You can do an excellent job of upgrading the least expensive furniture if you want to take a little time. Here are some list to check our website and some of the work you might do.



Joints may not fit tightly. You can use wood filler for a quick upgrade, or you may be able to take the piece apart and sand the components of the joint until they fit correctly.

Shaped Edges

Check tops of chests, tables, or other pieces that have shaped edges carved with a router. These edges usually have not been sanded at all, while flat surfaces probably have had at least minimal sanding. Spend some time sanding these shaped places so that they take the finish material nicely. Pay particular attention to those edges across the grain. They will absorb much more stain than the other parts and turn out darker.

The best way to handle staining of endgrain wood is to seal the wood either before or during staining. Before staining, a coat of thin shellac will work. During staining, lightly touch your stain pad to the top surface of the varnish, so that you get a mixture of stain and varnish on the pad. Apply this mixture to the endgrain.

Drawer Guides

Drawer Guides

Few inexpensive pieces have drawer guides. This isn’t much of a problem with small drawers, but on big ones, which will hold a heavy load, the drawers may not work well for long without guides. You can buy ready-made metal guides or put in your own made from hardwood strips.

Better Hardware

The look of most furniture depends in part on the appearance of its hardware ‘” drawer pulls, knobs, or hinges. Inexpensive, unfinished furniture usually has minimal hardware. You can replace wooden drawer pulls with brass or ceramic ones. Replace flat steel door hinges with more ornate brass models. Install casters in place of the steel glides many makers use.

Better Looking, More Serviceable Top Surfaces

When you buy a piece of furniture that is expected to do yeoman service ‘” a table for children’s use, for example ‘” you can add years to its life by applying a plastic laminate to the top. Your home center has plastic laminates in stock or can order one for you. This material is applied like a veneer, with contact cement. Plastic laminates resist damage from just about everything and look good as well.

If the unfinished furniture you buy is of a hardwood that has no grain, color, or character, you might consider applying a veneer of mahogany, cherry, walnut, or other fine wood to the large, flat areas such as the top, sides, or drawer fronts. This can turn good but nondescript furniture into something worth having for a long time. Today, unfinished furniture is available in a range of prices, designs, and materials, and if you are in the market for furniture, a shopping trip to discover what’s out there is worthwhile. You’ll see inexpensive bookcases and other simple pieces in particle board and softwoods; you’ll also see well-made breakfast and dining sets in hardwood. The selection will range all the way up to museum reproductions in magnificent hardwoods.

How to Restore Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Is your wooden outdoor furniture starting to show signs of disrepair? Do your beloved, formerly bright and beautiful furniture pieces need a little tender loving care? Just like all your indoor wooden pieces, all your outdoor wooden chairs, tables and benches can go from weathered to wonderful again with a little know-how.

Here’s how.

Here's how

First, get your tools together. You’ll need:

•A garden hose.
•Sandpaper (the 100 grit type).
•A pump spray bottle.
•Safety goggles.
•A pair of rubber gloves.
•Short-handled scrub brush and long-handled scrub brush with smaller head.
•Deck cleaner and brightener.
•A paint brush.
•Exterior gel stain with applicator.

Here’s what you will need to do:

Here's what you will need to do

1) Move the piece you’re repairing so it’s close to your garden hose.

2) Thoroughly spray down your wooden furniture, removing all grime and surface oils.

3) Be sure to wet down the area immediately below your furniture, too. This will dilute any run off.

4) Let your furniture air dry. Now your furniture is ready for the deck cleaner and brightener solution. Applying it when your furniture is dry will allow the solution to adhere evenly and will not dry out too quickly.

5) Put your goggles on to protect your eyes and your gloves on to protect your hands. Pour the deck cleaner and brightener into a spray pump. To avoid streaks, start applying the cleaner at the bottom of the furniture, find more about this.

6) Let the formula sit a minute or two. Using the short-handled brush, lightly scrub the wooden surface from top to bottom to loosen the weather-damaged wood pieces and stubborn dirt.

7) With the smaller brush, clean hard-to-reach places just as thoroughly, but remember to use light strokes. Wet wood splinters easily.

8) Rinse the remaining solution with the garden hose. You’ll see that the wood is now clean and shiny and that the panels almost look new! Allow the furniture to dry.

9) Once the furniture is completely dry, you will note that the wood grain has been raised. You can smooth the grain back down by sanding it lightly with the sandpaper. Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want to remove too much of the wood. If you do that, the material won’t absorb the new coat of finish you’re about to apply.

10) Use a folded piece of sandpaper to sand the “tight spots”. Wedge the sandpaper into the area and sand in the direction of the grain.

11) To keep the furniture safe from the elements and to add a touch of color, add stain. Gel stain will not drip, so it’s great for using with outdoor furniture that has slats. Using a paint brush, apply gel stain first to the edges of the wood which you have just sanded. Work your way inward.

12) Use the applicator pad that comes with the gel stain, work the stain into the grain. 13) When the stain dries, take a look! You won’t recognize your old outdoor furniture. Or maybe you will. “This looks just the way it did when I first brought it home,” you’re apt to think. Even better, your newly attractive wooden outdoor furniture will now remain bright and beautiful year after year.

How to Attach Glass Railing to Stair Stringers

Glass railing is one of the best choices for modern stair stringers. It gives a very charming look to our stairs and also increases the beauty of your home.

There is no doubt it is not an economical choice, but it brings a classic charm to your buildings. Glass railings give stunning visual impact and give a feel that you have more room in the building than the actual.

Attaching the glass railing systems to stair stringers is not a simple task and needs great skills, but it is too costly. If you want to attach glass railings to stair stringers but you want that with a lower budget, then try yourself.

If you have a little bit how to know about the glass railings attachment with stairs, you can easily complete that task by following our below guidelines.

What are the steps to attach glass railing to stair stringers?

What are the steps to attach glass railing to stair stringers

When you attach the glass railings to stair stringers, you will only need a hammer drill because all other tools were available to you with glass railings.

  • First of all, stand the glass railing in the required position on the stairs; no need to worry, railings will stand by themselves because they will have support posts.
  • Now take a permanent marker and mark the holes for the bolts and properly market the holes at their right positions.
  • After that, remove the railing from the stair stringers and, with the help of a hammer, Drill make holes for the bolts; make sure you have made deeper holes. The deeper holes in the concrete provide strong support to hold the railings at their position.
  • When you have completed making bolt holes, remove the threaded sleeves from the lag bolts. Now take the hammer and tap on the sleeve to insert it in the holes. But make sure when you are inserting the sleeves, they are properly inserted. To make its insertion perfect, check the top of the sleeve with the surface of the stairs.
  • Now again stand the glass railings, now take the bolts and insert them one by one in each of the anchor bases, and now turn the bolt and confirm that it properly holds the threads.
  • When you have inserted all the bolts in the marked holes, now tighten all the bolts. It will help the railings to remain fixed and at the proper place where they are attached.
  • Now look at overall fittings, see the view from different angles, and make sure glass railings look charming and attractive. It is done; enjoy the best style of glass railings with handsome professional cost savings.
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts:

Glass railings are becoming trendy because your stairs become more charming and attractive when you attach glass railings to stair stringers. But it is an expensive task that needs heavy investments. You cannot save the cost of material and glass railings, but you can save the cost of professional services by attaching railings yourself. Follow the above simple steps and attach glass railings to your stair stringers.

How to Bump a Lock without a Bump Key

Nowadays, there are many theft issues are happening daily in more places. The illegal activities are increasing day by day. Hence, the lock is required for all important things. Likewise, key for the lock is very much to taken care. Then handling these keys with the proper place is needed.  When lost the key, the duplicate keys are useful. Sometimes, many homes do not have the duplicate key for all locks. At that time, any door can open by using the bump key technique. At any cost, there is a need in duplicate key for all emergency situations. It may be a house key, office key and any other kind of keys. Every home lock has a different pattern of the keys. Any lock can open with the method of bumping. This is the general way to unlock. But in this article, we can discuss how to bump the lock without bump key.

The best way to bump a lock:

The best way to bump a lock

There are many ways to do these jobs quickly. The focus of door lock is needed at the initial stage. To continue the job correctly, the drilling lock with the energy should apply. There is enough force is applied to the lock based on the locking mechanism. Then the destructive entry is formed in this way. This is the bypass method to unlock the door without the key. Normally, lock bumping is the potential issue to find the other type of key by using any other key which is fitted to the lock, visit here. The correct size and dimension of the key are required while bumping the lock. Nowadays blank and bump keys are available in the market. It can file easily and use for the duplicating process. To unlock the door without bump key is now possible. By using the plastic card as a credit card, the lock bypass method is done. It needs some force to do further unlocking technique. By applying pressure with the simultaneous position, the unlocking of the door is possible. Moreover, high-security locks can easily bump by using plastic cards. It is simple to unlock with the bit force. Lock picking types of equipment are improvised the unlocking method. Such objects are pins or paper clips. Typically, keys are operated by process of the inside lock. Sometimes, the lock is not opened due to the loss of the key. Without using a key, the lock can open. While trying to open in many ways, there are some possibilities in damaging inside the lock.

The most famous techniques to unlock:

By using the screw and rod technique, the key can open. Such great techniques are very helpful. Then well-known methods like drilling lock picking and shoelace techniques are used to unlock. Other than that, the wrench paper clip is used to opening a lock. The middle doorknob is locked in many doors. These methods are very helpful for everyone who needs to unlock the door. Finally, it can be done by using a thin rod.

How Long Does Roof Paint Last

The roof paints are preventing you from the UV rays. Act as a layer for your roofs and prevent from the different climates like, sunny, rainy, and so on. It will act as a coolant in summer. You may have different varieties of roof paints. The roof is one of the most important part in your home. It is the most visible part of your home. It will keep you safe from the sun and rain. So, you should keep safe the roofs using the paints. Your roof can get fade or dull quickly depends on the seasonal changes like storms, hail, wind, falling, etc. The roof may get fade because of the dirt and mud that cover the roofs. It is very hard to clean the roof when it will be covered by dirt and mud. So, paint your roofs to prevent your home, office, and roof from those issues. The roofs are always the strongest one because they should handle the heavy UV rays, rain, and anything. The paint coating is the greater idea to give extra prevention secure the roofs. The roof paints will have seven to ten years of long-lasting power.

How the roof paint helps to save money?

How the roof paint helps to save money

The roof paints are act as a heat reflector, so it does not allow heat inside the home. It should not observe heat so it will maintain the room temperature in the good condition. Some roofs may be damaged by the climatic changes but the roof paints are preventing the roofs from those damages. The roof paints are less expensive, so no worry about your budget. When you use roof painting there is no need for fans and air-conditions to make your home chill. Most intelligent peoples are using these roof paints instead of buying the costlier things. Several benefits are provided by the roof paints. The roofs are getting dull after using a few decades it will be costlier one, so it is not possible to change frequently. So, make a coat on your roofs to avoid fading of roofs. The roofs are works for a particular period. But it will give a life and long-lasting power to the roofs. It will not act as a heat absorption aspect, so you can feel chill and happy ever.

Which is the best roof paint?

Which is the best roof paint

Most of the paints are work well on the roofs. So, take a consult from the professional which is the best paint for your quality and variety of roofs. Because the roofs have different quality, so choose the best one to give a strength for your roofs. Select the paint with waterproof, and sunroof. Because the rain and sunny is the most frequently changing climates. Roof painting is an excellent choice when you look to save and prevent your home as well as the roofs. The roof paints with different colors are available for the market. Use white color for better performance. Because white is the heat-reflecting color.

How to Change Lock Cylinder of a Commercial Door

We have faced many times in our hotel, office, or commercial places that door lock got out of order and need replacement or repair services.

Surely we need a locksmith or any other expert for replacement. But here we will suggest you do not be in a hurry and before going to hire a locksmith check the door lock.

Many tasks can complete efficiently without special skills. The most occurring problem and the major problem of door locks is when the cylinder goes out of order.

People take it a difficult task, but we will share some details that will help you to do that job with great ease for your commercial doors.

Please go through our article on how to change the lock cylinder of a commercial door and learn about that job.

How to change the lock cylinder of your commercial door?

lock cylinder of your commercial door

Some steps will help you to replace the faulty lock of your commercial doors.

Arrange all the necessary tools such as screwdrivers long screwdriver of 4 inches will help you. When you have arranged all the tools, then go towards changing the lock cylinder.

• Insert screw under the latch of the lock and turn it in a counterclockwise rotation. Rotate it until the latch becomes loose. Now take it out and keep the screwdriver with you; it will help you when you need reassembling.
• Now take the old key with you and insert it; turn the key counterclockwise but turn it a little bit that makes you able to open the lock. It will hide the latch, and the cylinder of the lock will be in your range. Hold the key in that position; otherwise, you cannot change the lock cylinder.
• Now slide the lock cylinder by pulling on the key; if you face a problem, then turnkey some more until you can easily take out the damaged cylinder.
• You need to fix the new cylinder in the hole, but here you should keep in mind that keeps the key in the same opening position. Carefully adjust the new cylinder and check everything in good balance.
• Now take the screwdriver again and pull out the key by turning it anti-clockwise, insert the screwdriver and place the latch in its proper place.
• Reassemble the lock with a screwdriver and make sure you have properly set everything. Check the lock by inserting the key and vouch for its functions; your lock cylinder has been changed.

Final Thoughts:

Final Thoughts

We all know that the main part of door locks is their cylinder. People think that it is a tough job that needs special skills, so they hire locksmith services.

But here, we have provided you some valuable guidelines that will help you change the lock cylinder without hiring anyone.

We hope our article on how to change the lock cylinder of a commercial door is helpful for you. For more information, please comment on our article we will help you.

How to Secure a Garage Door from the Outside

Generally, doors are essential ones for securing a home and it can be any type of door like a garage door. If any home having this garage door then proper maintenance is very important. Also, it provides a lot of benefits to the house owner. But not every house owner will realize securing it is a difficult thing. So here are some steps that are given for the house owners who want to secure their garage door spring repair Minneapolis from the outside. Even though it is very crucial to secure but it is necessary.

The first step is checking the type of door you have like manual or automatic. Whatever it is you need to secure it from the outside using deadbolts and center mounts. The second step is drilling and makes a hole in the place that you are installing the lock and it will have enough space to insert deadbolts. The third step is fastening the lock using screws. The fourth step is making sure that you have passed the deadbolts on the rail properly. The fifth step is an optional step that you may add a padlock for more protection. And it is necessary if you go away from your home for a long time otherwise not. So these are all the steps to secure a garage door from the outside and make use of it.

How to pick the garage door lock?

How to pick the garage door lock

Losing the garage door key is the more irritating thing and if it happens in the morning then you cannot do any work with a calm mind because already it will make you feel frustrated. Fortunately, if it is happening in the morning time then you can call a professional lock picker for help but if it is happening in a midnight then how can you handle it is a big question mark. And you need to unlock it by yourself but it is not possible if you are not known about the process. So do not worry about it here are some procedures that will help you in that crucial situation and try to read it.

You need only two things with you to do this procedure such as a diamond pick and L-key. It is always a good thing to keep these two with you. And insert the L-key in the lock hold and try to fiddle the diamond pick in the top part of the hole. You need to do this process until unlock the door. Most of the time you are in an urgent situation and you need to get something inside the house. But if you are not keeping patience while doing this process then it will not help you anymore.

What are the checklists to maintain the garage door?

What are the checklists to maintain the garage door

The first one is listening and inspects the track and the second one is adjusting the hardware. Then replacing the rollers and pouring the oil to the moving parts and also checking the door’s balance. After that, fixing the weather stripping is the next step. The final step is repainting and cleaning the door.

How to Align Garage Door Tracks

Garage doors are very sensitive, and different factors are the reason for the garage door will sometimes jam or have trouble open or closing. Maybe someone bumped into the garage door accidentally, or it is a part has started to corrode over time and a whole lot more. That is why aligning your garage door tracks is a must once you spotted the issue. The track of the garage door is an important part to open and close the garage door. The track is placed on each side of the garage door, or gate. This track will be used for swiping the door up or down, and push or pull the door to get you in or out of the door. If the track is not working properly you cannot able to enter or out from the door. This will help to move the door up or down, or sliding front or back smoothly. If anyone of the cables is Brocken it will become a problem. Once the track will troubleshoot the problem means you should install the new one by the expert of the track exchanger or you can fix this problem. Do not worry, it is the simplest issue and easy to rectify it with three to four hours. Doing the procedure is pretty easy to fix the garage door track issue, take a look at the site here. As long as you have the right tools and required equipment, then you are ready for fixing the problem of the garage door track.

Step to align the garage door tracks made simple

Step to align the garage door tracks made simple

The first step to align the garage door track in the right place is to loosen the track for a while. There are plenty of screws bolted around the track to secure and fixing the garage door in the frame. If it slips or loosens means it will fall at any time. In other cases, its tight means, the garage door not working properly. Make sure that they are loose enough before proceeding to the next step to align the garage door. The next step is adjusting the garage door track. Adjust the garage door track position using a rubber which is inside the track. The track will be divided into two lines to make a grip between the track and garage doors. You can also use the tool to ensure an optimal position and prevent further errors. Once you align the track of the garage door, make sure it is fixed right place.

The third step is tightening the screws to secure the garage door in the right place. Once done the aligning process only you should tighten the screws again, and then you are done the process of aligning the track of the garage door. Repeat these same steps for the other garage door tracks when it is needed. As you can see adjusting your garage door track is an easy way that is followed by these three simple steps. There is no need to use sophisticated tools or hire a professional to fix the garage door tracks.