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Wood countertops are beautiful and offer more than just a unique look. They come with their own set of care instructions, though. Wood countertops need to be oiled at least twice a year. To avoid cracking, keep them away from heat sources and areas with too much liquid. Wood counters also require regular maintenance such as sanding and refinishing to maintain the natural beauty of the wood grain while protecting it against wear and tear caused by water or food spills.  We at Unique Wood Products explain the benefits of wood countertops.

1. Wood countertops in Houston are beautiful.

Wood countertops are beautiful in nature. They are made out of 100% natural material, usually the top layer of the trunk or stump, and can be any size or thickness desired. Wood countertops are also much more environmentally friendly than tile or granite because they don’t require chemicals for installation, maintenance, or production. Wood is much cooler than other materials when used to make countertops, so it does not chip, scratch, dent, or stain like many other materials that aren’t meant to withstand heat and moisture as wood does.

2. Wood countertops are durable.

Wood is one of the most durable materials on earth, and countertops made of wood are easier to maintain than other countertop surfaces. Wood countertops require some maintenance, but the process is easy and can be done right in your own home.

3. Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches.

Wood countertops are highly resistant to heat and scratches because of their components makeup. Those are made from a combination of wood fibers, resins, and pigments. When this mixture is combined it creates high resistance to heat and scratches. Wood countertops have a hardness rating of 7 out of 10, which is similar to that of water glasses and sapphire.

4. Wood countertops provide a natural touch to your home.

Wooden countertops provide a natural touch to your home, but they may need some more maintenance each year. Wood is a softer material, which means it is more susceptible to scratching and cracking from heat sources and areas with too much liquid.

5. Wood countertops are renewable.

In Houston, Wood countertops are a product that is made of renewable material. This means that they can be replaced if there is a need for a new one. There are advantages to the product even though it needs more care than other materials.

6. Wood countertops have a long lifespan.

Wood countertops have a long lifespan, even though they will need to be maintained more than other materials. Wood is resistant to most chemicals, which is why it’s the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms near sinks and toilets.

7. Wood countertops require low maintenance.

The general care of wood countertops is minimal, and they require less upkeep than most similar materials. In fact, you will only need to re-oil them every month or two, and occasionally apply a finishing polish for a natural luster.


Wood countertops are beautiful, but they require more care than other types of materials. However, if you do all this work yourself it can make your kitchen feel like home! To learn how we can help you achieve the look you want for your wood kitchen counters, give us a call today. We’ll walk through a few design ideas that will suit any taste from modern to rustic styles.

What Is The Perfect Slope For A Golf Course

The slope of a golf course is represented on every golf course as a percentage. It will be displayed in front of every hole and it provides you with an idea for how difficult that particular hole will be when played from the teeing ground. If a course has a slope of 134, this means that there is a one-yard elevation change for each yard traveled. The perfect number to shoot at would be about 120 yards because it’s hard enough but not too easy.

A good example would be most holes on desert courses which are usually built with sand traps or canyons and have slopes around 130 or 135%. These types of golf courses usually offer challenges such as water hazards, trees, cacti, bunkers and other obstacles.

What is Golf Course Slope?

Every golf course is built with a slope in front of every hole, typically displayed as an angle or grade. The number represents the average elevation change on that particular hole. For example, if the slope reads 134 this means the elevation changes from 150 to 166 feet over 263 yards.

Why is Setting Up Golf Course Slope Important?

When setting up a golf course, there are many things to take into consideration such as the type of grass, water features and hazards. The specifics vary depending on what type of grass is selected for use on the golf course. On some courses, slopes are used strategically to mimic natural landscapes while others use them to enhance designs made with water features and landscaping.

How to Read a Golf Course Slope

A golf course slope is the percentage of an elevation change for each yard traveled. For example, a slope of 134 means that there is one yard of elevation change for every yard traveled. This is true for all courses with a slope from 100-180 degrees.

A golfer can determine how difficult the hole will be when played from the teeing ground by looking at the green’s slope number. If a green has a number of 132, this means that it will take two yards to get to the green for every one yard that you are away from it on the fairway. At golf Ryder Cup live stream when the slope is displayed, if the number is in red then that means it’s too difficult for average players and should not be played. Golf course slope can be used to determine the difficulty of a hole for any golfer, not just Ryder Cup’s professional players.

The Difference Between the Slopes of a Golf Course

The slope for a golf course is a percentage that consists of how many yards from the teeing ground it takes to equal one yard in elevation change. The slope is represented on every golf course as a percentage. It will be displayed in front of every hole and it provides you with an idea for how difficult that particular hole will be when played from the teeing ground.


The perfect slope for a golf course is one that challenges the golfer but doesn’t frustrate them. Golfers want to have fun and enjoy their game, not get angry or frustrated. In general slope is represented on every golf course as a percentage. It will be displayed in front of every hole and it provides you with an idea for how difficult that particular hole will be when played from the teeing ground.

Overview of Recycling Used Auto Parts

Recycling used auto parts is a great way to help the environment and reduce how much waste you throw away. Selling your old car is also a good idea, but most people don’t want to buy an older vehicle that may have problems with it. Recycling your car can allow you to get some money for it while still reducing how much auto parts go into landfills or are incinerated every year. This article will show you how recycling used auto parts can help our planet and save trees!

How does Recycling Process Works?

Recycling is complex and starts with how to recycle used auto parts:

  • The first step is sorting. This may involve breaking the part down into smaller pieces or separating it from other materials that can’t be recycled.
  • Next comes cleaning, which sometimes includes ovens, hydrochloric acid baths for aluminum scrap, or boilers for lead solder.
  • Sorting centers are then needed to inspect the clean material by hand according to type before being processed again.

Remove the Engine Liquids

Remove the Engine Liquids

Before you start the recycling process at first, remove any engine liquids from the old car parts.

  • Remove all fluids, such as petroleum, antifreeze, oil, and brake fluid;
  • Drain out any gas or diesel fuel left in your vehicle’s tank;
  • Make sure to empty you can of gasoline before recycling it too! You don’t want that spilling on other items while being recycled.

Remove Replaceable Parts:

The quick and easy way to recycle used auto parts is to remove the replaceable ones. To know more info visit at: This includes things like tires, wheels, spark plugs, windshield wipers, etc. When these items are removed, they can be donated or sold so that they will then become a new product available for someone else who needs it more than you do.

Tires: All tires have trodden on them which make them unusable if not recycled properly because the rubber dries out when left in one spot for too long. The best thing you can do with old tires is donated them to a local charity organization since there’s no use in throwing good rubber away.

Scrap All-Vehicle Frame:

The most difficult and expensive part to recycle it the frame. A car’s frame includes several types of metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium (for strength). The problem is that these metals all have a slightly distinct melting point which means they cannot be melted together in one furnace. This means each individual piece has to be individually cut out from the frame before recycling can take place – not a simple task!

Send to Manufacturers for Recycling

Send to Manufacturers for Recycling

After the scrap metal is combined with other metal, then returned to auto manufacturers for recycling, it is usually an initiative that’s passed on to the customer. The process of how to recycle used auto parts includes a “green” approach which helps reduce emissions and protect water quality by using environmentally friendly processes in manufacturing vehicles with recycled metal instead of new materials.

In conclusion, recycling used auto parts is a great way to save money on your car repairs. Not only will you be able to afford more expensive bodywork and paint jobs, but it also saves the environment by reducing emissions from manufacturing new materials. If you’ve got an old engine or transmission sitting in your garage currently collecting dust, take advantage of our free pickup service today!


The tyre sensor uses an inductive loop, which is a small electronic circuit in the wheel. This loop generates a magnetic field, and this is detected by sensors on the car. The sensors then send information to the control unit of the car, which calculates how much pressure needs to apply to each individual tyre for it to maintain its desired road contact point or tread depth.

Pressure Monitoring System On The Tyre:

Pressure Monitoring System On The Tyre

The system can detect when one tyre has significantly more weight than another, for example, if you have just changed your flat tyre with a spare that has no air in it. The system can also determine how much pressure is needed for different weather. So in winter, you may drive on snow or ice, and the sensors need more air than they do during warmer months when there is less tyre friction.

How Do Car Tyre Sensors Work?

It is a sensor for the car tyre. The sensor is in contact with the roadway to detect vibrations from passing vehicles. It transmits information to the car’s electronic system to monitor the performance of the tyres and predict any potential problems that may occur with them. There are two types of sensors that work in different ways to identify how much pressure is being in the tyre.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems/TPMS: The various TPMS used by automakers to monitor how much pressure is in the tyres are direct pressure sensors and indirect. The direct sensors send information about how much air is in each tyre. Indirect TPMS works by measuring the speed of rotation, which can determine how much weight, is on a wheel.

Direct tire pressure monitoring systems/DPMS: DPMS use individual sensors for each tyre inside of it, and sometimes on the outside as well. Each sensor sends information to a module in the car that determines how much pressure is in each tyre based on the amount of force required to rotate them within their rims. When you’re at home, garage or somewhere else where there’s no TPMS or DPMS available, make sure you check your tyre pressure and inflate them to the correct PSI.

Is Tyre Pressure Is Important?

For car tyres, having the right pressure is important for your safety. You should check the tyre pressure as often as you can. It’s a good idea to have a tire gauge in the glove compartment so that you can do it whenever you think of it.

The more air in your tyres, the less contact the rubber has with the road and the less grip your tyres will have on that surface. Because less rubber is scraping against the surface (less friction), you need to brake harder and use greater force to keep your vehicle from skidding across the road.

This could cause a hydroplaning accident where there’s too much water between your tyre and the ground because of too much air in your tyres, which causes reduced contact with the road. The result is that you lose control of your vehicle and skid across the surface.

Finally, it can be said that car tyre sensors are a good way to ensure that you and the family are safe on the roads. This is because they can detect problems with the tyres before they happen.

Benefits Of Selecting A Hardwood Flooring

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors. This kind of flooring lasts long, looks good and is easy to maintain. Available in wide variety of shades, it enriches the appearance of a room. At first instance it may appear a bit costly to install hardwood flooring. However, considering the value it adds to a home, low maintenance cost and durability, it is economical to install this type of flooring.

Benefits Of Selecting A Hardwood Flooring 

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors.

If you are thinking about changing your floors or installing new floors, choose Hardwood floors.  

This kind of flooring lasts long, looks good and is easy to maintain. Available in wide variety of shades, it enriches the appearance of a room. At first instance it may appear a bit costly to install hardwood flooring. However, considering the value it adds to a home, low maintenance cost and durability, it is economical to install this type of flooring.

Some prominent benefits of hardwood flooring include:

1. Durable: Hardwood flooring has a long life. Top quality hardwood products Houston with great finish and high quality wood may last lifetime.

2. Versatility: By changing color of the stain, look of hardwood flooring can be altered. This may be done when the hardwood flooring is refurbished or sanded with different stain. This is a costly process but those who plan to match shades of floor with a new scheme of interior décor may use it without replacing the flooring. This unique feature and option is not available with other flooring materials.

3. Maintenance: Just little mopping and sweeping dust off the floor is enough to keep hardwood flooring clean. A coarse mat outside the door helps to keep off dust entering floor. Stains and spills should be wiped off immediately with prescribed cleaners.

4. Wide range of options: Hardwood flooring is available in different shapes, sizes, color and grain patterns. It is also available in wide and narrow strips that have non beveled or beveled edges. Color range from dark and warm shades to clear and light shades. Some samples have more grains while others have less. Variety of option has contributed to increased popularity of hardwood flooring.

5. Look: Each species of wood, stains and pattern of grains have their unique appeal that enriches overall appearance of the floor. Darker stains give warm and intimate feeling while lighter shades make a room appear spacious.

6. Add to value: Statistics reveal that homes with hardwood flooring sells faster and gets better price. Hence investing in hardwood flooring is a viable option in this aspect as it will increase your property value.

Hardwood Flooring
Positive Thinking

Positive thinking induces vigor and freshness in life. It’s this energy that stimulates a person’s mind and helps in achieving the desired goals. Positive thinking makes the daily life more healthy and promising.

Thinking is Contagious

Thinking is Contagious

Thinking both positive and negative is contagious. The negative and positive vibes are easily picked by people around. Any person with negative attitude hardly makes any healthy relationship at workplace, home and society. Therefore, It’s important to have a healthy and a positive attitude in life. A person who thinks about happiness, progress and good health remains happy and cheerful in life.

Tips to Inculcate Positive Thinking for Success and Happiness

Tips to Inculcate Positive Thinking for Success and Happiness
  • Positive words like ‘I can’, ‘I will’ boosts positive thinking

Speaking positive phrases is the first step towards attaining a positive personality. A person who often speaks negative words like ‘I can’t’ or ‘I won’t’ would never take risks and might lose some great opportunities. Instead, a person speaking positive thoughts has every reason to be a successful person. Visit website for fruitful information on growth mindset activities for adults.

  • Negative thoughts ruin positive thinking

Person should have faith in himself and should try to evade all negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are like an infection that spreads quickly. So, the negative thoughts should be channelized and diverted in a positive way.

  • Healthy and a happy disposition enhances positive thinking

A happy, cheerful face is always welcoming. A happy person draws people towards him and his happiness is often transferred to other people around him. A healthy disposition is important to keep everyone happy and positive. It’s important not to think any ill about others and not to harm others with ones words or actions. This will not only leave a person tension free but will also make him happy every time.

  • Proper planning is an important tool for positive thinking

Half the job is done with efficient planning. It not only makes the task hassle free but also leaves a person happy and tension free. A person should analyze the situation and look for some positive solution instead of pondering over the situation and thinking negatively about the outcome.

  • Positive communication with people leads to a positive approach towards life

A positively charged person is a role model for his team, family and society. He not only leads his thinking positively but also inspires every other person who comes in contact with him. He is an epitome of strength, energy and positivity.

  • Reading an inspiring book stimulates positive energy

Sometimes the thoughts lay hibernating in our mind and by reading an inspiring book such thoughts are stimulated and this helps in imbibing a positive approach towards life.

  • Recreational activities increases positive thinking

Not only a book, even a TV programme, music or simply a chat with someone with positive energy is an interesting way to boost ones self esteem.

  • Socializing with positively charged people infuses positive thoughts

Friends, family or even people at work sometimes are a great source of enhancing positive thoughts. They act as catalyst and help in inculcating positive thinking.

  • Positive thinking is reflected by the body language

More so, the body language of a person signifies how confident he is. A person with a positive frame of mind shall always be confident. The same will be reflected with his straight back, shoulders held high, and a confident walk. This is truly necessary to have positive energy in life.

  • Physical activities boosts positive thinking

A healthy body houses all healthy thoughts and if the body is weak, unhealthy and less energetic it may have negative thoughts in mind. To have a sound and healthy mind, regular body exercise is a must. Sports, games and plays are a good source of exercising and rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.

Above all, positive thinking is not inborn. It is developed and inculcated with great efforts and zeal of the mind to have a healthy and a positive life. With these simple steps and a little bit of right approach towards life, a person can make his life a beautiful saga of love, happiness and health. Always let positive thoughts stay in the mind and let all negative thoughts escape.

Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

The NHL Season 2020-21 has almost come to an end. Soon we’re going to find out who will battle for the title in the finals. If you’re looking forward to watching the Stanley Cup Finals live stream, then NHL.TV can be your best option.

The finals will be streaming in July on different channels in the US & Canada. International viewers also can enjoy the games on their local channels. If you want to watch it on NHL’s dedicated platform, then read this article till the end.

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL.TV

Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream on NHL.TV

The National Hockey League (NHL) arranges the tournament every year. After the regular season, certain teams make it to the play-off. Though last year it was 24 teams, this year we’re getting only 16 due to the pandemic. With less team, the total number of games will be less.

NHL.TV is a special streaming platform from the NHL. Every season it offers exclusive packages to fans to watch all the games of the NHL, including the finals. You can watch all the games live on your devices. Later, you’ll also have access to the highlights. Besides, you also can watch the full-length replays.

Supported Devices

NHL.TV supports almost every streaming device. We’re sure you’ll find your device on the list. Whether you want to stream the games on your TV or Desktop, it’s possible. Besides, you also can access NHL.TV with your smartphone.

Following is the list of supported devices for NHL.TV:

  • Android devices
  • Apple Smartphones (iOs)
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Playstation

If you have any of the devices above, you can watch the Stanley Cup Finals live stream through NHL.TV.

Subscription Fee

The subscription plan for NHL.TV is usually determined by the seasons. That means, at the beginning of every season, they offer a subscription plan to the fans. With it, people can watch regular-season games as well as play-offs. At this point of the season, the subscription fee for the remaining games is only $19.99. It will cover the play-off rounds and the finals. However, at the beginning of the season, the fee was around $144.99.

Blackout Restrictions

Like it or not, NHL.TV is subjected to blackout restrictions. If you don’t know what it is, let us explain in brief. Blackout restrictions mean the games that are being telecasted on local TV in the area won’t be available live on NHL.TV. After 48 hours of the game, you’ll be able to watch the full game. To find out which team’s game won’t be available in your area on NHL.TV, visit NHL’s website. There, enter your zip, and you’ll find out the rest.

How to Watch Stanley Cup Finals Live Stream

Final Words

NHL.TV can be great assistance to keep up with the Stanley Cup Finals live stream. The service is available internationally to all ice hockey fans. However, the only drawback is the blackout restrictions. So, if you’ve subscribed to any other tv streaming platforms, you can watch the finals on NBC. Or else, it’s better to subscribe to NHL.TV.

Tips for Upgrading Unfinished Furniture

Top-quality kits come to you with all pieces carefully cut, and all joints made to fit precisely. Less expensive unfinished hardwood furniture already assembled may or may not have had careful attention during assembly. As a rule, the cheaper the piece, the more likely you are to find such problems as poor joinery or ill-fitting drawers.

You can do an excellent job of upgrading the least expensive furniture if you want to take a little time. Here are some list to check our website and some of the work you might do.



Joints may not fit tightly. You can use wood filler for a quick upgrade, or you may be able to take the piece apart and sand the components of the joint until they fit correctly.

Shaped Edges

Check tops of chests, tables, or other pieces that have shaped edges carved with a router. These edges usually have not been sanded at all, while flat surfaces probably have had at least minimal sanding. Spend some time sanding these shaped places so that they take the finish material nicely. Pay particular attention to those edges across the grain. They will absorb much more stain than the other parts and turn out darker.

The best way to handle staining of endgrain wood is to seal the wood either before or during staining. Before staining, a coat of thin shellac will work. During staining, lightly touch your stain pad to the top surface of the varnish, so that you get a mixture of stain and varnish on the pad. Apply this mixture to the endgrain.

Drawer Guides

Drawer Guides

Few inexpensive pieces have drawer guides. This isn’t much of a problem with small drawers, but on big ones, which will hold a heavy load, the drawers may not work well for long without guides. You can buy ready-made metal guides or put in your own made from hardwood strips.

Better Hardware

The look of most furniture depends in part on the appearance of its hardware ‘” drawer pulls, knobs, or hinges. Inexpensive, unfinished furniture usually has minimal hardware. You can replace wooden drawer pulls with brass or ceramic ones. Replace flat steel door hinges with more ornate brass models. Install casters in place of the steel glides many makers use.

Better Looking, More Serviceable Top Surfaces

When you buy a piece of furniture that is expected to do yeoman service ‘” a table for children’s use, for example ‘” you can add years to its life by applying a plastic laminate to the top. Your home center has plastic laminates in stock or can order one for you. This material is applied like a veneer, with contact cement. Plastic laminates resist damage from just about everything and look good as well.

If the unfinished furniture you buy is of a hardwood that has no grain, color, or character, you might consider applying a veneer of mahogany, cherry, walnut, or other fine wood to the large, flat areas such as the top, sides, or drawer fronts. This can turn good but nondescript furniture into something worth having for a long time. Today, unfinished furniture is available in a range of prices, designs, and materials, and if you are in the market for furniture, a shopping trip to discover what’s out there is worthwhile. You’ll see inexpensive bookcases and other simple pieces in particle board and softwoods; you’ll also see well-made breakfast and dining sets in hardwood. The selection will range all the way up to museum reproductions in magnificent hardwoods.

How to Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming in the UK

Though the NBA finals will take place in the US, fans from around the world will be waiting to watch the event. So, if you live in the UK, you can watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming from your home.

The excitement of the basketball event is rising as we get closer to the finals. Ogugua Anunoby will be participating in the NBA play-off from the UK. It will be great for us if he makes it to the finals.

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming in the UK

Watch NBA Finals 2021 Live Streaming in the UK

So, now the question is how you can watch the event from the UK. In the UK, Sky Sports is the official broadcaster of this season’s NBA finals. It will telecast both the playoff round and the finals of the exciting basketball event.

Sky Sports is a group of sports channels in the UK. They have their operations in many other countries too. They mainly focus on covering sports events in the UK. It’s quite a popular and dominating sports channel in the United Kingdom.

If you have access to Sky Sports, you can watch NBA finals when it starts. However, if you don’t, use any of the following methods to watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming on Sky Sports:


You can watch Sky Sports with a Sky subscription in the UK. This is the official plan of the Sky group offering many sports channels like football, cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, and more. So, with this subscription, you can stream not only NBA Finals but also other major sports events too.

The Sky subscription starts at £18 per month. This will cover only the Sky Sports channel. With a little more amount, you can add Sky TV, Cinema, Kids, and Entertainment channels. If you only prefer the NBA Finals, then the basic plan is good to go.

A great advantage of using a Sky subscription is access to the Sky Go App. You can download the app on your smartphone and stream Sky Sports from anywhere you want. It gives you the freedom to watch the NBA finals even while outside.


If you have a BT subscription, you can watch Sky Sports there. For some reason, many people don’t prefer Sky subscriptions. So, if you’re one of them, you can opt. in for BT to enjoy the thrilling NBA Finals.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a popular TV streaming service in the UK. It offers more than 200 channels to clients. You’ll be able to watch all the games of NBA Finals 2021 on Sky Sports through Virgin Media.

The subscription fee of Virgin Media depends on how many channels you want. The basic plan starts at £33 per month for 100+ channels. The fee increases if you opt for more channels. Like Sky, Virgin Media also offers a go-to app for mobile devices.

Final Words

You can watch NBA Finals 2021 live streaming on Sky Sports with any of the three methods above. The Sky subscription should be enough for anyone. However, if you want much more to enjoy, Virgin Media TV is the best option.

US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream On Radio Stations

For many people, it’s not always possible to watch the thrilling US Open Golf Championship. In this situation, audio streaming can be an excellent alternative. Besides, some fans prefer to listen to the commentary on the radio. Especially people who carry Jobsite radio to their workplace. The good news is, the US Open Golf live stream will also be available on radio stations. Please read the full article to know who will stream the tournament and how you can listen to it live.

How to listen to US Open Golf 2021 Live Stream on Radio

ESPN Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live will stream the 2021 US Open Golf Championship. The coverage will begin on 17th June. Below, we’ve covered every detail for both the stations to watch the tournament.

ESPN Radio

ESPN Radio

You may have heard of ESPN’s TV channels, but it also offers a radio station dedicated to sports fans. ESPN Radio covers almost every sports event live. And this year, it will also stream the 121st edition of the US Open Golf from the Torrey Pines South Golf Course.

You can listen to ESPN Radio on any device from anywhere in the USA. It’s available in almost every state. Tune in to find the frequency in your local area. Or you can also look for it on google by typing the name of your city.

If you want to listen to the stream on your smartphone, you also have that option. There are hundreds of apps that stream ESPN radio. It is available on both SiriusXM and TuneIn. Moreover, ESPN Radio is also available for listening through websites.

The US Open Golf 2021 Schedule on ESPN Radio

[Note: All the times are in ET]

Round 1: Thursday, 17th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Round 2: Friday, 18th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Round 3: Saturday, 19th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Final Round: Sunday, 20th of June 2021.

Live Streaming: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio 5 Live

The US Open Golf 2021 live stream will also be available onBBC Radio 5 Live. It is mainly for the UK area. But you also can listen to it via websites and mobile apps outside the United Kingdom.

The station streams news, podcasts, discussion, analysis, and sports event coverage. This year they have the right to audio stream the whole US Open Golf tournament.

In the UK, BBC Radio 5 Live is available on 693 and 909 kHz frequency. Outside of the UK, you can listen to BBC sounds by signing up with your BBC account. Besides, a lot of radio apps support the BBC Radio 5 Live for Online streaming. The schedule is the same as ESPN radio.

Final Thoughts

Audio streaming is a great option when you’re working or driving. You don’t have to stick your eyes to the screen. Thanks to ESPN Radio and BBC Radio 5 Live for the US Open Golf 2021 live stream. Use any device you have to listen to the exciting golf tournament.