How to Drill the Door Lock Hole?

How to Drill the Door Lock Hole

Normally, the drill is a tool which is used to drill holes in the wooden materials or steel type material or wall, etc. Generally, the door knob lock hole is smaller which can drill it to fix the hole. Usually, you can buy a set of 4 to 5 hole saw bits which will help you a lot for this occasional use. If there is a new hole location is completely enclosed, then it will be relatively easy to drill the hole. Then you need to expand the hole with the same size where you can use the hole saw kit. This kit is working better which has multiple attached hole saws.

You can place the large size hole saw inside of the smaller size hole saw and then tightened this together which will guide you to fix the hole with the appropriate or longer height. If you found this is in the same size in length, then you will slightly vary the thickness of the base. And then use the washer to provide more depth as long as you want. There are another suggestion at is similar to use the thin piece of plywood clamping. Clamp the hole in the door by drill through it. Then one more thing is to pay attention to keeping the door level. Because plywood makes you slightly sliding over the drill of the door. Then you can clamp it perfectly.

What are the accurate measurements of door knob lock installation?

What are the accurate measurements of door knob lock installation

Typically the new door knobs already have holes. But these are all not ready to fix the lock immediately. The purpose of special Boring bits is required for the accurate measurement to place the lock. Generally, paper templates are folded by the lock manufacture which is used to set up the marking perfectly. Some of them follow the drilling pattern for the wooden door. There are best ideas to making the door lock for the solid doors. We’re looking forward to the steps for best making the drill hole in solid doors.

The best making of door knob lock hole:

The best making of door knob lock hole

By drilling through the standard exterior door, initially follow the steps. First, there is a need to measure the door’s thickness which is in and around 1 ¾ inch. Then measure up above 6 inches from the centre of the door knob hole. After that, mark it with a pencil. Then use the paper template which is in the deadbolt lock kit. If not, then make the mark at 2 ¾ inches from there edge of the door. Because the standard lock is about this measurement range.

With the exact punch where the two marked lines are intersecting, then place the drill bit. Check it once again to find the variation in sizing instruction. If it is not correctly drilled, then you will be used the pilot drill with this drill lock hole mechanism. Then drill again on the other side properly when the hole is completed. And then check the lock which size you need to drill once again. The drill hole is perpendicular to the diameter of the hole. Then mount the lock into the hole. Finally, you can check whether the door is actively working with the open and close condition.

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