How to Replace Garage Door Springs And Cables

How to Replace Garage Door Springs And Cables

There are many kinds of door springs. Before replacing the cables and springs of your garage door, identify the type of it. These springs are mainly of two kinds:

Extension springs

Extension springs

The extension spring is the large, thin springs that run parallel on the horizontal track and also stock energy by tightening and expanding, while the door is in motion. The extension loops further have types, it can be open-looped, clipped- end, or double looped. To know more garage door replacement update visit this following link:

● Open-looped extension spring – These are considered as the weakest type of extension spring and depends on an open wire at the end. And the main disadvantage with this kind of loop is that if the wire at the end breaks then the whole spring needs to be replaced.

● Clipped- end extension spring- These are the strongest type of spring among all the types. The clipped-end springs are very long-lasting and weigh about 200lbs or more. These are the most common type of springs that are used in the garage door.

● Double-looped extension springs – These are not much stronger but have an average strength. It features two coils at the very end that joins to the eye bolt and the pulley.

Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs

There are four types of torsion springs and the garage door can have any of the four extensions. The types of extension a door will have to depend upon the weight, size, and stability of the door. This spring is found on the metal shaft above the door opening and is very wide in size.

● Standard torsion springs – These types of springs are often found on the residential garage doors. These types of springs are used for light doors that required only one spring for operating.

● Steel rolling door torsion – These types of spring doors are found mainly in industrial and commercial buildings. These springs have the torsion barrel to operate.

● Early- set torsion spring – These types of spring are somewhat similar to the standard torsion springs. The slight difference between the two is that they are mounted inside the torsion shaft.

● Torque-master torsion spring – These types of springs is surrounded by the torsion shaft and is held by the winding cone that is located at the end of each torsion shaft.

Various source of garage door replacement

If you have the measurement and the idea about the type of spring beforehand then you can find the replacement spring for the garage door easily. You can buy extension springs and torsions either from the hardware store or online. Still, if you are not sure about what are you looking for then you can take the help of spring manufacturers or an experienced garage door replacement company.

If you have enough knowledge about the cables and spring of garage doors then you can repair it by yourself. You can easily get garage door replacement kit of various sizes, online on famous shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart.


The extension garage springs are easy to repair as compared to the torsion spring. You should wear protective equipment before working with the springs to be safe.

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